A Not So Secret Secret About Myself

I’m going to give you a piece of honest information right now about myself. I suck at keeping a blog updated for really long stretches of time. I’m sorry about that. I’m not very much of a writer, I’m more of a visual person. 🙂 Every month I think to myself, “This will be the… Read More

Mystery Film Roll #2 – Revealed!

Mystery film roll #2 was a bit more successful then the first attempt! I actually got a small handful of decent ones. There was my friend Janolin’s wedding at Yosemite National Park and a beach outing with my boyfriend and dog, Trinity. On a side note, I would like to express my appreciation of all… Read More

5 Great Programs to Use If You Don’t Have Photoshop or Lightroom

For any type of artist, whether it’s digital art such as drawing, painting, photography and digital retouching, having an editing program like Photoshop or Lightroom is essential. Without these kinds of tools, photo manipulation cant be done to present a finished product, whether it’s for your personal use or for commercial use. In this article,… Read More

Mystery Film Roll #1 Revealed!

So a couple weeks ago I shared that I was finally going to develop these 8 rolls of mystery film I’ve been toting around for years. I have no idea whats on these things which makes my curiosity run wild! I think there may be a wedding in a couple of them but other than… Read More

5 Amazing Photo Techniques To Try Right Now

It amazes me when I see a lot of photographers spending so much time on the worldwide web to learn good pieces of stuff about photography without giving much consideration to things that will make their photography experience amazing. This made me compile this list of 5 amazing photo techniques for you to try now,… Read More

8 Rolls of Mystery Film!

So I’ve been toting around these 8 undeveloped rolls of mystery film for years. YEARS. I’ve packed them in and out of junk drawers while I moved from place to place. I have long since forgotten what is actually on them. I recently decided to go ahead and start having them developed one roll at… Read More