5 Amazing Photo Techniques To Try Right Now

It amazes me when I see a lot of photographers spending so much time on the worldwide web to learn good pieces of stuff about photography without giving much consideration to things that will make their photography experience amazing. This made me compile this list of 5 amazing photo techniques for you to try now, especially if you a beginner/amateur in the show. This is how best to learn photography!


“Perspective Altering”

low perspective

In the most obvious sense, taking portraits at eye level of the subject is appealing. However, changing the shooting angle can give your portrait an amazing WOW factor. One way of doing this is by getting up to a reasonable height and shooting down on your subject or getting to the ground as much as possible to shoot your subject from below.


“Playing with Eye Contact”

SW_Aundre+Larrow (2)Rightly changing the direction of your subject’s eyes can amazingly have a WOW impact on your image. Most times, the subject in portraits looks down the lens. This creates a real sense of connection between the image view and subject. However, there are other things you can try out:

Looking within the frame:

Your portrait will come out better when your subject look at someone, or something within the frame, for instance, a woman looking at a new baby, a man looking hungrily at a pizza. When your subject looks at something inside the frame a second point of interest is created. This also gives life to the image.

Looking off camera:

Another amazing trick is to have your subject focus their attention on something outside the view of the camera. This creates a feeling of seriousness and likewise makes the viewer wonder: “What the heck is the subject look at?” I simply call this intrigue.


“Breaking the Rules of Composition”

rule of thirds break

When it comes to composition, there are a lot of rules and I kind of hate following these rules as if I’m enslaved to them. Breaking some of them after mastering them is the way to go. You love going out of the norms? Then follow this tip to get an eye-catching result:

Break the rule of the Thirds! Placing your subject dead center will produce a powerful image or creatively placing your subject to the right on the edge of shot can also create an intriguing image.


“Experimenting with Lighting”


The way you light your portrait can also create a WOW impact. The possibilities when it comes use of light are unlimited in portrait. Side-lighting will create a mood while it is powerful when you silhouette and backlight your subject to put their futures into hiding.


“Taking a Series of Shots”

This technique will come in handy when you are photographing children or a super-active subject that is changing pose or position in rapid succession. All you need to do is activate the ‘continous shooting’ or ‘’burst’ mode of your camera and fire off more than one shot at a time. This will create a series of images that are presented together rather than one static image.